Play shopping cart hero 2 here!

Master the art of rolling in a shopping cart in shopping cart hero 2.

Shopping Cart Hero 2

To improve your player's skill in Shopping cart Hero 2, you can buy upgrades throughout the game with the points you earn from playing. The game begins with your player holding a standard shopping cart at the top of the hill. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard to get your player moving down the hill. As he runds you'll see a sign approaching that says get in. You'll also see a gray meter at the bottom of the game screen. Press up to jump in the shopping cart. If you jump in right at the sign then the meter should be directly in the middle. If you jump in too late then the meter will be too far to the right, too soon and it will go to the left.

As you approach the ramp, you'll see another sign that says jump, and another meter on the bottom right side of Shopping cart Hero 2 screen. If you can manage to press the up key right when you hit the sign then you'll execute a tremendous jump and the meter should be directly in the middle. However if you press to soon, then the meter will be to the left and the jump will be low, too late and the meter will be to the right, and the jump will be to high. Your goal in Shopping cart Hero 2 is to have the perfect balance between high and low, to get maximum airtime and execute the most tricks before you land.

In the beginning you'll start with no tricks, so you'll need to earn money based on the jumps. However as you progress through each level you'll be able to buy new tricks and other upgrades. I'd recommend buying the rocket for your shopping cart, as this will make you jump higher in Shopping Cart Hero 2